About Us

Hodgee Custom Shafts is the original custom colored steel shaft in the marketplace that has been submitted to the USGA and has been determined to CONFORM WITH USGA RULES. That means you can use your custom colored steel shaft for regulation golf play, this is not a novelty.

  • Our Custom Coating Services are superior because we are industry professionals in artistic and commercial painting backed by 30 years of experience.
  • Our passion for golf coupled with artistic design capability for finishes makes our product unique for appeal to the unique golfer.
  • We can custom create one club or custom color your complete golf club set.
  • We use high quality durable products ensuring you will enjoy your colored shafts for years to come.
  • Our color selection lets you tailor your next club purchase to your golf game. Once you make your choices and we build your clubs, your motivation to keep improving will take care of the rest!

We are here if you need assistance, advice or recommendations to make your clubs personally fit your style.

At HODGEE CUSTOM SHAFTS we are so excited to let you know a little bit about who the Creative Mind is behind our unique products – watch our video below.
We hope you enjoy it, come back and visit our site for updates.